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We support companies in the search for experts in internationalization.

We collect timely requests from companies and identify among the members of our network the profiles of professionals suitable to meet their needs.

We have mapped competencies from beyond
3,000 internationalization experts,
between private and public entities,
to ensure effective relationships for client companies.

Are you a company?

We listen to your import-export needs and guide you towards specialized subjects.

ProExporters acts as a facilitator between SMEs and professionals, thanks to the services of

  • Help Desk ProExporters

  • Professional Scouting

Make skills your business card.

Enhance what makes you unique and communicate your expertise to companies.

Enter the ProExporters circuit to receive ad hoc reports on the needs expressed by companies. 

Are you a professional?


Professionals in evidence

who have joined the network


Punto di riferimento per il Temporary Export Management, assistenza tecnica e operativa per progetti di internazionalizzazione, organizzazione partecipazioni collettive alle fiere di settore, in Italia e all’estero

Let the opportunities be

to come to you.

Optimize your time: we'll take care of the research,
once ... for all  !

Our staff selects and publishes business opportunities from official and verified sources every week.

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Professional updating?

Stay informed.

It takes 3 minutes a month to view the opportunities selected by ProExporters.


The monthly appointment with the newsletter

Going International  allows you to receive for free in your inbox:

  • business opportunities selected by our staff from official and verified sources

  • reporting of profiles of Highlighted Professionals

  • news from the markets

  • useful tools

  • ITC analysis of countries with potential exports to Italy

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