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Support for the import and export activities of Italian SMEs.

ProExporters is able to provide quality, concrete and structured answers to companys' specific questions in the export-import area,
thanks to the collaboration with partner companies.


  • Are we ready for new challenges abroad?
    Are we ready to export? What are the strengths of our company and our products? What are the points of attention in dealing with a new foreign market?
  • Which new markets should you focus on for development?
    What is the most receptive market for our products in this period? Which one is best suited for our features?
  • Who can support us in a new adventure?
    Can we start the new project with the support of an external expert? Maybe just for the time it takes to move from pioneering to market?
  • How to finance new landing projects abroad?
    If we start with the project and there is an investment, our company will do its part. But are there forms of economic support offered by the Italian public system or by other private entities?
  • How to intercept new business opportunities?
    We'd love to stay up to date on new business opportunities in our industry, even better for our product. For example ... requests from foreign importers, public or private calls for tenders, etc ...

How are we able to respond?

The HELP DESK service directs companies, case by case, towards reliable and pre-selected specialized partner companies, which deal specifically with the activities mentioned and which stand out for their professionalism and high quality of their service.

How does it work


Interview between the company and ProExporters staff to understand the context

Collection of business requests

Match with ProExporters partner

The Help Desk service
for the company
it is free.

Contact us to organize a fact-finding call.

Contact the ProExporters Help Desk.

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