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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Entrust the research of experts in internationalization to our PRO Exporters team: reduce internal time and effort.

Our PRO -SCOUTING service addresses Companies willing to start or carry on an internationalization project.

Are you looking for internationalizing your business and you don't know where to start from? Do you want to entrust the management of your internationalization to an Italian Expert but you don't find the matching profile?

We have been charting in our database more than 3.000 profiles of Italian experts and professionals in internationalization during the last five years. Entrusting the research of the most suitable experts to our team, we will provide you with contacts of professionals with plenty of experience in foreign markets, who are able to support you in your internationalization project.

Our service of professional scouting allows our team to realize a pre-screening of experts for your company.

Starting from the needs and goals expressed by you, our staff researches our database looking for the professionals which best suit the company requirements. We search for suitable profiles with matching markets of expertise, sectors and previous experiences and submit to your company a list.

PRO -SCOUTING in 4 steps:

  1. Video Call: We take a moment to get to know each other: we start with a video call with your company that allows us to introduce you to our reality, and to better understand and focus on your needs.

  2. Pre-selection of Professionals: Starting from the needs and goals expressed by you, we are going to identify and select the experts with the closest profiles and skills from our database. We realize this selection procedure moved by a basic conviction: to intercept professionals with solid experience and expertise in the market of your interest and the reference product sector.

  3. Expression of interest and in-depth call with Professionals: After having them selected, we contact Professionals who may own the necessary skills and competencies to serve your needs without revealing company details. The following step is to interview those who have shown interest in pre-screening and are interested in evaluating a collaboration with your company. The interview serves as a moment to analyze the Professionals’ profile and expertise considering both their professionalism and availability.

  4. Final Video Call with the client Company: We prepare a panel of selected Professionals and we close the selection phase with a final meeting with your company: we present the results of our scouting activity and share the shortlist of profiles identified, generally from 3 to 5, including their details and contacts.

The final contact with the presented professionals is carried out by the client Company independently, without other forms of intermediation or commissions, unless the company requires it from us.

Our PRO -SCOUTING service has a fixed cost of 690 Euros .

To receive more information on the service and get in touch with our staff you can send an email to or call +39 375 565 4924.

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Are you a company?

We are looking for the professionals best suited to your needs for you.

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Are you a company?

We are looking for the professionals best suited to your needs for you.

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